1. Land

Once you have found the land that you want to build on, we need to be sure that the land is serviced and titles have been released.

If the titles have not been released, we cannot actually start building. This may mean we will need to wait until the land is ready. The time frames on the land are dictated by both the council and the developer.

Once titles are released, it is time to get started. You can now settle on your land. (I.e You can now buy it and own it)

We are also now able to conduct a soil test to determine the foundation design for that block of land.

2. Contracts

You can now enter into the building contract. That contract will have a guaranteed fixed price and guaranteed time frames that we will adhere to.
It will also outline the quality fixtures and fittings we use to ensure that your home/investment will be outstanding.

At this stage, you will also be required to pay the initial 5% builders deposit.

3. Plans Submitted to Council

At this stage working drawings will be submitted to council for approval.
Time frames on approvals will be determined by the workload of the council in that area. As an estimate, this generally takes around 3 – 4 weeks for approvals.

4. Slab

Once approvals have been granted and construction finance has been approved it is now time to order materials and start construction.

Construction will generally commence around 2 weeks after approvals.

The first part of construction is the slab (foundations) being laid. In order for this to happen the site will need to be prepared so that the slab can be constructed. This include scraping the site, digging the footings and preparing all underground plumbing. Once the site is prepared the concrete slab can be laid.We allow the slab to cure for at least 30 days before laying floors tiles.

After the slab has been laid, you will receive photos of the completed work and be required to pay the next progress payment for the slab. This is called “Base Stage claim” and is generally 10% of the contract price.

5. Frame

Once the slab has been placed the frame of the home will be constructed.

We use only the highest quality wooden frames that provide not only the optimum strength but also longevity as well.

Once the frame has gone up you will receive photos of the work and will be required to pay the next progress payment for the frame. This is generally 15% of the contract price.

6. Enclose Home or “Lock Up”

This is the largest part of the build. The work done at this stage will get the home to a point where it can be effectively enclosed or “locked up”.

Work will include roof on, walls and exterior cladding installed, windows, wiring and front door installed.

Once the house is at Enclosed or “Lock up” stage you will receive photos of the work and will be required to pay the next progress payment. This is generally 35% of the contract price.

7. Fixing

At this stage we will have reached pre-painting stage, which includes:

Wet area seal, internal linings, cornices, jambs, architraves, skirtings, doors, tiling, to wet areas, cabinets, vanity units, plumbing ready for final fitting, drainage connections, electrical ready for final fittings, external wall finishes.

Once we have completed the Fixing stage you will receive photos of the work and you will be required to pay the next progress payment. This is generally 20% of the contract price.

8. Practical Completion

Practical completion is the stage when works have been completed in accordance with the contract and all relevant statutory requirements have been met (with the exception of minor defects or minor omissions).

At this stage, your new home will be ready for you or your property manager to inspect and point out any minor defects that we may have missed. This then gives us the opportunity to get everything 100% right and ready for your home to be handed over.

Once we have completed the Practical Completion stage you will receive photos of the work and you will be required to pay the final progress payment. This is generally 15% of the contract price.

9. Handover

Your new home is now complete and ready for you or a tenant to move into.

At handover, we invite you to walk through your new home and take possession of the keys. If your home is an investment to be rented, this is the right time for your property manager to take some great photos to start advertising for a tenant.

10. Follow Up

The service does not stop at construction completion with RPG Homes. We allow a six months settling period.

During this time, all you need to do is record any items you feel need attention (or have your property manager do it for you) and we’ll inspect and address these items at the end of the first six months in your new home to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.